Hunter's Truce

The Big Bad Wolf never killed for fun—he was on a mission.

Little pig, little pig, let me come in. I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in. We’re tired of death, of prejudice and more, if you don’t make some changes I’ll kick down your door.

When Niklaus von Brandt’s mother is murdered by a poacher it moves him to make a change in the kingdom of Abendrot. Once a kingdom founded by werewolves, it is now ruled by humans who have one goal: eradicate the werewolves. In order to protect what is left of his family, he must make an important decision, one that leads him to become an assassin, and the shadow the kingdom murmurs about.

Too bad the royal family has a secret—a secret that Niklaus plans on using to his advantage, and in the meantime he has given King Ansgar three chances before he comes huffing and puffing.

Perfect for fans of Sugarcoated by K.M. Robinson and The Grimm Diaries prequels by Cameron Jace.

Royal's Vow

Surviving The Big Bad Wolf enlightened her, but The Hawk might not prove to be so easy.

When The Big Bad Wolf came huffing and puffing at the royal gates Stasya knew a change was on the wind. With the family secret exposed to the assassin turned ally, Stasya has to entrust her life to a werewolf she barely knows—Niklaus von Brandt—who has vowed to protect her, and in doing so has declared a lockdown.

Now a prisoner in her own castle, Stasya feels the tension growing between herself and Niklaus as she wonders if the alliance is the best thing for the kingdom and herself. But when they stumble into some trouble outside castle walls the Hawk swoops in and makes his presence known.

Stasya must survive the Hawk—but can she trust the Wolf?

Perfect for fans of Sugarcoated by K.M. Robinson and The Grimm Diaries prequels by Cameron Jace.

Assassin's Gambit

The Big Bad Wolf has a new mission–protect the princess–even if it costs him everything.

When the king of Abendrot is assassinated, Niklaus is sent on a new mission: hunt the Hawk and bring her to justice. With Princess Stasya now free from her father’s clutches, Niklaus must set aside his growing feelings for her, knowing it is what is best so he can protect her.

As Niklaus is ready to go on the hunt, a new truth comes to light, and he wonders how much he can trust Prince Ashroy of Ishkertov. Is he an ally or foe? 

Niklaus is on the hunt again, and the kingdom’s fate rests in his hands.

Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Unspoken by Celia Mcmahon, and Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater

Queen's Edge

The final installment of The Hunter series is here.

With the youngest princess abducted, a foreign prince missing, and her mate gone, Stasya must try to piece together her life as well as her crumbling country. Abendrot’s alliances are weakened, and she must fight to strengthen them while finding a way to right the wrongs her father incurred, but the Hawk has several tricks up her sleeve–and she plans to take down the kingdom from the inside out.

To protect her kingdom, Stasya must become the ruler they all need: a wolf. With the aid of new alliances, and friends, Stasya must bare her teeth and take what belongs to her. 

The stakes are high in this end-game–can Stasya save her kingdom and those she loves–or will it all crumble?

Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Unspoken by Celia Mcmahon, and Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater

Veiled Allurement

When the clock strikes midnight blood will be shed. 

When Faye, the ruling goddess of Alindor, and Lady of Light, is cast from the heavens by her wicked sisters, Nymiane and Etain, she finds herself unable to tap into her powers. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, she quickly discovers that a mask has been sealed against her face, unable to be removed.

She is soon feeling panicked, but as luck would have it two good samaritans scoop her up and whisk her away to a house full of ladies. There, Faye is forced to lie about who she is and where she is from and finds herself easily making friends with her new housemates.

As things begin to settle into a new routine, no one anticipates Faye being abducted by King Zev of Melothra, or that he plans to use her as an instrument of chaos, courtesy of Nymiane, on the eve of his annual ball.

A war is about to break out and when the clock strikes midnight-who will survive?

This novella is perfect for fans of Aimee Carter’s Goddess Test, Amber R. Duell’s Fragile Chaos, and Marissa Meyer’s Cinder.

Game of Bezique

At eighteen, Etienne Mercier shouldn’t have to worry about being hunted in the streets of Paris. To survive, he cons people with games of chance, hoping no one will discover the truth his grown-out hair hides—he is Fae. Baron Weaver knows, though, and when Etienne tries to con the man, he’s the one who gets surprised.

Etienne flees to escape the Baron, but soon realizes he’s not being chased for the reason he thinks. The Baron offers him and once-in-a-lifetime chance—the opportunity to work in Cirque de la Tempete as an aerialist.

Jumping at the chance to earn an honest living, Etienne never expects to find what he lacked all along—a purpose and a family—especially when he meets Lili. But Lili has plans of her own, and together, Etienne finds himself taking his biggest—and deadliest—risk yet.


Care for a game of chance? Step right up!


Perfect for fans of Caraval by Stephanie Garber, Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and Immortal Circus by A.R. Kahler

Secrets of Galathea

Journey to the depths in this fast-paced collection of four short stories, based in the same kingdom, spanning from centuries to weeks apart.

A merman and his brother are tasked with protecting what belongs to their people, and failure is not an option. When two seventeen-year-olds witness their Prince threaten an infamous sea-witch, they have no idea how soon all of their lives will be intertwined, and what secrets lay in the depths. A prince must decide what is most important: the people or his relationship with his brother. And a soon-to-be-king must do what is right, even if it costs him everything.

Each story highlights a specific character and their current struggle in the kingdom of Selith, but one thing is always the same–the strength of the characters and the magic that lives within them. 


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